How to get certain things through

Edward Dekkers edward at
Wed Feb 6 07:02:25 GMT 2008

> So let's d this again. Shall we?

I think that's a great idea.

> In %etc-dir%/MailScanner.conf:
> # Do not use these!!!
> Allow Filenames =
> Deny Filenames =
> Allow Filetypes =
> Deny Filetypes =
> # But use these
> Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/filenames.rules
> Filetype Rules = %rules-dir%/filetypes.rules
> Then in %rules-dir%/filenames.rules
> Describe which filename config file to use for each user:
> FromOrTo:       harry at ...           %etc-dir%/filename-loose.rules.conf
> FromOrTo:       hugo at ...            %etc-dir%/filename-
> strict.rules.conf
> ....
> Then copy filename.rules.conf to filename-loose.rules.conf and remove
> whatever you do not want to be stopped by MailScanner.
> And the strict file can get added whatever you do not wish to pass.
> The filetype thing works in a similar fashion to the filename rules. Do
> not forget to work out both of them to make it work.
> Hugo.

Hartstikke Bedankt Hugo.

After sending my last e-mail I finally found some examples on the internet
that went deeper into the file rules, so I was sort of heading there, but
you got me over the line.

I HAD confused the "Allow Filename" and "Allow Filetype" with the "Filename
Rules" and "Filetype Rules" statements in the MailScanner.conf so without
you I'd still be struggling.

I now also understand the difference between a .conf and a .rules file.

Appreciate it. All test messages from my account with EXE attachments now
working. Any other content like jscript files are still being blocked (I
left them in my loose rules file).

So, all done - thank Hugo

De Groeten,

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