How to get certain things through

Edward Dekkers edward at
Wed Feb 6 05:46:45 GMT 2008

> What is your file attachment config? My default rules do not allow
> proprietary document formats to pass and for those relatives that want
> to pass them along I use another (more loosely) set of rules.
> #H#Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/filename.rules.conf
> Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/filenames.rules
> Then take it from there to make your rules set more or less strict per
> user/domain/.....
> Do not forget to do this for your filetypes also!
> Hugo.

This is where it gets confusing.

There does not appear to be a global "Ignore scanning from my local network
outbound" kind of thing and if there is, I cannot get it to work.

I've found the filename.rules.conf and the filetype.rules.conf (in the
%etc-dir%) which seem to be responsible for killing off my attachment.

I've modified the MailScanner.conf to have:

Allow Filenames = %rules-dir%/allow.filenames.rules
Allow Filetypes = %rules-dir%/allow.filetypes.rules

I ASSUME these are the sorts of files you are talking about.

Well, I've added my details to both the above mentioned files (which I
touched to create)

From:	192.168.0.	yes
From:	<my e-mail address>	yes

It's still killing off (in this case) EXE files.

Surely I'm just stupid and this IS possible? When I run updatedb and then
locate MailScanner.conf I only seem to have one copy of this, so it IS
looking at it, just not reacting to some of the options. Or is it? Am I
screwing up somewhere else?


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