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Edward Dekkers wrote:
|> Well, not quite at the top of my file, but a search found it.
|> I changed it from:
|> Scan Messages = yes
|> To
|> Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules
|> And copied my spam.whitelist.rules to scan.messages.rules
|> My spam.whitelist.rules only had a couple of domains in it in the form:
|> FromOrTo:	*@<scan-free-domain>	yes
|> So I'm assuming the syntax is the same.
|> I've restarted MailScanner and I'm crossing my fingers.
|> Thanks for your help. (And Glenn too).
|> Regards,
|> Ed.
| Sorry to continue on with this thread guys, but the attachments are still
| getting stripped. I've added my e-mail domain to the
scan.messages.rules in
| the form:
| FromOrTo:	*@<my domain>	yes
| I've checked the permissions on the .rules files and even tried 0777
just to
| allow everything to read it. But to no avail (yes, I did remember to
| MailScanner too).
| It is either ignoring this file or something else funky is going on.
| In summary - I can't send a mail with an unacceptable (to MailScanner)
| attachment, even when I specifically allow it in my scan.messages.rules.

What is your file attachment config? My default rules do not allow
proprietary document formats to pass and for those relatives that want
to pass them along I use another (more loosely) set of rules.

#H#Filename Rules = %etc-dir%/filename.rules.conf
Filename Rules = %rules-dir%/filenames.rules

Then take it from there to make your rules set more or less strict per

Do not forget to do this for your filetypes also!


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