How to get certain things through

Edward Dekkers edward at
Wed Feb 6 00:23:22 GMT 2008

> Well, not quite at the top of my file, but a search found it.
> I changed it from:
> Scan Messages = yes
> To
> Scan Messages = %rules-dir%/scan.messages.rules
> And copied my spam.whitelist.rules to scan.messages.rules
> My spam.whitelist.rules only had a couple of domains in it in the form:
> FromOrTo:	*@<scan-free-domain>	yes
> So I'm assuming the syntax is the same.
> I've restarted MailScanner and I'm crossing my fingers.
> Thanks for your help. (And Glenn too).
> Regards,
> Ed.

Sorry to continue on with this thread guys, but the attachments are still
getting stripped. I've added my e-mail domain to the scan.messages.rules in
the form:

FromOrTo:	*@<my domain>	yes

I've checked the permissions on the .rules files and even tried 0777 just to
allow everything to read it. But to no avail (yes, I did remember to restart
MailScanner too).

It is either ignoring this file or something else funky is going on.

In summary - I can't send a mail with an unacceptable (to MailScanner)
attachment, even when I specifically allow it in my scan.messages.rules.

Any way I can debug this further?


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