Handling mobile users

Alex Broens ms-list at alexb.ch
Thu Dec 11 10:11:09 GMT 2008

On 12/11/2008 10:39 AM, Nigel Kendrick wrote:
> Hi,
> Any hints on handling mobile users where the sending domains keep hopping on
> and off RBLs? I have asked this before but not really found a satisfactory
> solution - for example, whitelisting our domain opens up the spam floodgate.
> The ideal situation would be to skip RBL checks on emails from authenticated
> users, but either I am not doing it right or I am missing the trick. It was
> suggested that whitelisting would help but this does not seem to
> be the case. Our mobiles are on UK Vodafone but, for example, one of the
> Directors is currently roaming in Italy.
> I was looking at creating up a ruleset for the "Spam List = " to set it to
> "" for emails from our domain (not ideal, but better than nothing), but I
> cannot work out how to do this for selected domains.
> All hints and pointers appreciated.

imo, all mobile workers, even a director should VPN to your network and 
smtp-auth from there.

Even if VPN ports are blocked @hotels, etc, its trivial to setup a VPN 
channel which listens on TCP 443 which is always open.

lets assume you're not VPN yet doing RBL lookups @MTA level, smtp-auth'd 
users should be exempt from rbl lookups in the first place.

There's hardly need to tweak MailScanner or SA if stuff is coming off 
your trusted network.

or am I missing something?


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