MailScanner Gold Production yum repository released

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Sat Dec 6 16:33:57 GMT 2008

Paul Welsh wrote:
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>> We're very happy to announce the availability of our new MailScanner 
>> Gold Production yum repository subscription service for Red Hat and 
>> CentOS 5.x operating systems. This FSL yum repository system provides 
>> all of the 70+ applications and Perl modules required to install and 
>> maintain MailScanner, SpamAssassin, ClamAV, Razor, DCC and a 
>> MySQL Bayes 
>> database in easy to use rpm formats.
> Has anyone tried this?  I was expecting some comments on this list but
> haven't seen any since the release announcement.  Personally, I've not had
> problems with "Perl module dependency problems" but perhaps I've just been
> lucky.  Upgrading MailScanner can be a bit time consuming having to rejig
> MailScanner.conf with new settings etc but presumably if new settings are
> added in a release I'll still have to do this - the yum repository can't
> make the changes for me.
> Mailwatch is something I've had issues with in the past so having this in
> the repository would have been good.  From what I can see though, it isn't
> included.

We have over 20 subscribers to the Fsl-mailscanner-beta list (free) and 
paid subscriptions are coming in at a faster rate than we had anticipated.

The whole intent of this product is to simplify the installation and 
maintenance of a MailScanner gateway. By doing so we're  hoping to 
attract new users who might accept a simpler approach to installing and 
running a MailScanner gateway and to simplify life for more experienced 
users. My guess is that it's about 50-50; 50% less experienced Linux 
users and 50% pros who prefer the convenience of running fully rpm systems.

MailWatch version 2 will be out soon. It's part our DefenderMX 2.0 
product that's in initial testing right now. The rpm version of 
MailWatch 2.0 will  available as part of the MailScanner Gold 
subscription as soon as it's released.

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