Sendmail: Number of queue runners?

shuttlebox shuttlebox at
Thu Aug 14 08:53:52 IST 2008

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 10:53 PM, John Goggan <jgoggan at> wrote:
> shuttlebox <shuttlebox <at>> writes:
>> Documentation - Installaton Guides - Installing using the tar
>> distribution - Configuring Sendmail.
> Thanks!  I installed from a Gentoo ebuild, so I hadn't followed the "using the
> tarball" path all the way.
> I can't help but wonder why it isn't linked straight from the Installation
> Guide page -- like it is for Postfix, Exim, and ZMailer.  Seems like having
> sendmail right there would make good sense.  :)
> In any case, it looks like the real problem is that whoever did the Gentoo
> ebuild/package didn't do the init scripts right.  If they had, then it would
> already start the queue runner for mqueue.  I'll go report it as a bug.
> It's actually fairly easy to miss -- because it otherwise works fine without
> it.  You only miss messages that were delayed/deferred.  So, normal emails go
> out fine.  As greylisting gets more popular, it gets more noticeable.  :)

Everything MailScanner is based on the tar distribution, all the
packages are just a service to the community.

As a *user* of a package you shouldn't have to have deep knowledge of
how to configure everything, the package should do that automatically
or at least provide its own specific documentation. If you want to
make a package you read the tar dist documentation and the maintainer
of MailScanner for Gentoo apparently didn't do a good job of that so
go ahead and file a bug.


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