Sendmail: Number of queue runners?

John Goggan jgoggan at
Wed Aug 13 21:53:35 IST 2008

shuttlebox <shuttlebox <at>> writes:

> Documentation - Installaton Guides - Installing using the tar
> distribution - Configuring Sendmail.

Thanks!  I installed from a Gentoo ebuild, so I hadn't followed the "using the 
tarball" path all the way.

I can't help but wonder why it isn't linked straight from the Installation 
Guide page -- like it is for Postfix, Exim, and ZMailer.  Seems like having 
sendmail right there would make good sense.  :)

In any case, it looks like the real problem is that whoever did the Gentoo 
ebuild/package didn't do the init scripts right.  If they had, then it would 
already start the queue runner for mqueue.  I'll go report it as a bug.

It's actually fairly easy to miss -- because it otherwise works fine without 
it.  You only miss messages that were delayed/deferred.  So, normal emails go 
out fine.  As greylisting gets more popular, it gets more noticeable.  :)

Thanks again.

 - John...

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