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Richard Lynch rich at mail.wvnet.edu
Thu Aug 7 16:00:59 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> Richard Lynch wrote:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> Gary Alexander wrote:
>>>>> While things are quiet, are there any outstanding bugs or feature 
>>>>> requests
>>>>> that I should be working on?
>>>>> I'm aiming at a stable release at the start of September if 
>>>>> there's nothing
>>>>> else huge between now and then. The HTML::Parser protection seems 
>>>>> to be
>>>>> working okay, and hasn't had a huge speed impact (it never ceases 
>>>>> to amaze
>>>>> me quite how fast fork() is!).
>>>>> Jules
>>>> Hi There
>>>> Speaking of feature requests ... I've noticed some users using 7zip
>>>> format for sending mails ... and executables inside getting through
>>>> ... any plans for adding support for this?
>>>> The following linux app currently supports 7zip: 
>>>> http://p7zip.sourceforge.net/
>>> Adding that is quite a lot of work, so I would need a lot of votes 
>>> that people want this feature. But I'm not saying "no" :-)
>>> Jules
>> Up until now I had never even heard of 7zip.  I just tested F-Prot 
>> and ClamAV against an archive with a virus in it.  Neither detected 
>> the virus inside.  So, isn't it just a matter of time before viruses 
>> start spreading in this format?   If so I think you're going to be 
>> compelled to support the scanning of this format.
> But if no-one has the software for reading this format already, they 
> aren't any harm.
> Jules
Agreed but how long before people start using this format in large 
numbers.  I don't know.  It's not a problem yet so there's no hurray but 
sometime down the road... who knows.  I certainly wouldn't put a high 
priority on it.



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