MailScanner -debug --lint... solved

Alessandro Dentella sandro at
Wed Apr 30 09:59:44 IST 2008


  While writing this message I found the misconfiguration that caused it. I
  post the message anyhow since there is another message written 1 month ago
  with the same problem that was left unanswered.


  I'm trying to debug a problem so I used --debug --lint discovering a
  different behaviour according to the dir I run it from. I already saw a
  message noticing the same thing:

  If I run if from /root (PATH is correct, no ".") I  get:

Cannot create temporary Work Dir /10768. Are the permissions and ownership
of  correct? at /usr/share/MailScanner//MailScanner/ line 152

  runnning it from /etc/MailScanner met another problem in a different

  I found out I had wront permissios on /tmp!!! (chmod 1777 /tmp...)


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