After latest upgrade the entire mail system is screwed up

Arthur Sherman arturs at
Mon Apr 28 08:32:49 IST 2008

Weird. This is by far not the first time I upgrade MS - there ware some
minor glitches before, but never at this scale.
Actually, my mail server is not working now.

So what happened:
I upgraded from 4.59 to latest stable 4.68.8-1 on CentOS (BlueQuartz),
following strictly the upgrade guide from wiki, alone with making backups.

Already at install time I mentioned that MS forces almost every
After the install, every mail is rejected with "Oversized email rejected"
stating that "The content filters found this:
   Message is too large: 1700 bytes".

I checked and re-checked everything I could trying to change this to bigger
number or even disabling it - nada.
So, I realesed that I have to reinstall Mailscanner completelly.
EVEN AFTER clean install, it rejects messages with this or similar
I assume it is a bug in current stable, could it be?
Or, did I miss something? I checked every config related.

Please your help!


Arthur Sherman

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