SMTP-AUTH mail being marked as spam

Valmiki N. Ramsewak lilvalo at
Sun Apr 27 12:20:52 IST 2008

	I run the latest version of mailscanner and postfix 2.3.6.  I
send mail from my laptop, via the mail server. I have SMTP-AUTH enabled
so only credentialed users can send. However any mail sent this way is
being marked as spam. This happened to me before and I realized the
problem was I wasn't having postfix add the (authenticted user = xyz)
line in the mail headers, so I included that and it worked. Now I'm not
sure what the problem is. 

	If I login to my my mail server and send mail from mutt it works
just fine and doesn't mark it as spam.

I do want mailscanner to scan the mail, just not mark authenticated mail
as spam, but check for viruses.

The spamassassin score is -ve.. but it says its being marked as spam
because of spamhaus-ZEN. Granted I'm on a DSL connection with dynamic
ip, so I have no control over what my ip address is when I reconnect.


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