SMTP-AUTH mail being marked as spam

Julian Field MailScanner at
Sun Apr 27 17:14:53 IST 2008

Valmiki N. Ramsewak wrote:
> Hi,
> 	I run the latest version of mailscanner and postfix 2.3.6.  I
> send mail from my laptop, via the mail server. I have SMTP-AUTH enabled
> so only credentialed users can send. However any mail sent this way is
> being marked as spam. This happened to me before and I realized the
> problem was I wasn't having postfix add the (authenticted user = xyz)
> line in the mail headers, so I included that and it worked. Now I'm not
> sure what the problem is. 
> 	If I login to my my mail server and send mail from mutt it works
> just fine and doesn't mark it as spam.
> I do want mailscanner to scan the mail, just not mark authenticated mail
> as spam, but check for viruses.
> The spamassassin score is -ve.. but it says its being marked as spam
> because of spamhaus-ZEN. Granted I'm on a DSL connection with dynamic
> ip, so I have no control over what my ip address is when I reconnect.
You can't use a blacklist that includes dial-up dynamic addresses on 
your server, connect from a dial-up dynamic address, and not expect to 
get blacklisted. Simple logic :-)

Can you move your blacklist checking into your MTA and have Postfix not 
apply blacklist checks to authenticated SMTP connections?

By the time MailScanner gets at it, it doesn't know whether you were 
authenticated or not (but you could write a simple Custom Function to 
set the "Spam List" setting to different values depending on the first 
header in the message, and look for the signs that your mail server 
thinks you are authenticated).


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