MCP broke after upgrade

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Apr 15 22:59:12 IST 2008

Renee Gehlbach wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> What did you upgrade?
> We rebuilt world and upgraded all ports.  We went from FreeBSD 6.2 to 
> 6.3.  There were updates to both mailscanner and spamassassin, but I 
> do not recall what the previous versions were.
So "everything" then. :-)
>> Renee Gehlbach wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> We had MCP working in a previous version, but it is no longer 
>>> working properly since we upgraded.  Our system is currently running 
>>> FreeBSD 6.3, with MailScanner port Mailscanner-4.67.6_1, 
>>> SpamAssassin port p5-Mail-SpamAssassin-3.2.4_3.  We have several cf 
>>> files with MCP rules in the directory 
>>> /usr/local/etc/Mailscanner/mcp, where the port places its example 
>>> MCP rule file.  Up until the upgrade, all of the rules in these 
>>> files were working properly.  MCP seems to be working, as the 
>>> X-MailScanner-MCPCheck header appears in all messages.  However, it 
>>> does not seem to be finding the MCP rules, as even messages which 
>>> should be triggering rules have the value (score=0, required 2) for 
>>> this header.  spamassassin --lint shows clean, as does 
>>> spamassassin -p /usr/local/etc/Mailscanner/mcp --lint -D
>> If that doesn't say the rules are being read in, then it's not a 
>> MailScanner problem. You need to get that to read the rules, and 
>> admit to it, first.
> I agree that I need to get it to read these rules.  What I am trying 
> to find out is why it is not reading them.
Have you tried that command?
What does it tell you?
Is it reading things from that directory or not?
Are you using the MailScanner "Run As User" or "Run As Group" settings 
at all?
If so, can that user read and execute /usr/local/etc/Mailscanner/mcp and 
read the files in it?
Have you checked the parent directories too, as some Unices require at 
least x permission all the way up the tree to "/".
And do you mean "Mailscanner" in that directory name or "MailScanner"?

Answer all that lot and get back to us.

>   If I am asking for help from the wrong mailing list, please let me 
> know.  I am emailing this list because all of the config files and 
> sample rules being used for mcp are part of the MailScanner port, not 
> the SpamAssassin port, and because the options to set up mcp are 
> located within the MailScanner config file.
Asking here is just fine, no problem. MCP often confuses SpamAssassin 
folks (in general, there are of course notable exceptions :-) because 
they can't see why you would want to run SA without a big ruleset but 
just 1 or 2 rules instead.


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