MailScanner and Zip Attachments

Antencek antencek at
Tue Apr 15 19:42:19 IST 2008

Hello all!

I am using MailScanner 4.66.5 with Zip Attachments setting = yes.
Works great.

Now I want to set rules for particular e-mail address/domain not to zip 
attachments (FromOrTo).

According to
I have made zip-attachments.rules with the content:

FromOrTo: at no
FromOrTo: no
FromOrTo: default yes

And set MailScanner.conf:
Zip Attachments = %rules-dir%/zip-attachments.rules

Restarted MailScanner, but this does not seem to work.
The MailScanner is acting like Zip Attachments setting = no for everyone.

Please help me find what I am doing wrong?

I would also like to put in use other rules for zip and attachments 
based on FromOrTo.

Thank you.


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