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Tue Apr 15 22:51:12 IST 2008

Antencek wrote:
> Hello all!
> I am using MailScanner 4.66.5 with Zip Attachments setting = yes.
> Works great.
> Now I want to set rules for particular e-mail address/domain not to 
> zip attachments (FromOrTo).
> According to 
> I have made zip-attachments.rules with the content:
> FromOrTo: at no
> FromOrTo: no
> FromOrTo: default yes
> And set MailScanner.conf:
> Zip Attachments = %rules-dir%/zip-attachments.rules
> Restarted MailScanner, but this does not seem to work.
> The MailScanner is acting like Zip Attachments setting = no for everyone.
> Please help me find what I am doing wrong?
Make sure you aren't just giving it files that are too small to trigger it:
Attachments Min Total Size To Zip = 100k
is the default setting.

Also, remember that MailScanner uses the envelope sender and 
recipient(s) and not the addresses that appear in the headers.

Have you checked it with "MailScanner --lint"? Also, what happens when 
you do a command like this:
MailScanner --value=zipattachments --from user at
and then an opposite example:
MailScanner --value=zipattachments --from user at
The first one should give you a "no" result while the 2nd one should 
give you a "yes" result.

If that works, then your ruleset is correct, and so you need to get back 
to us so I can take a look and test it out myself.
> I would also like to put in use other rules for zip and attachments 
> based on FromOrTo.
Don't quite understand your point here.


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