OT - MailScanner to deliver email copies to two downstream ma chines.

Ken Goods kgoods at cropusainsurance.com
Tue Apr 15 18:51:57 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> shuttlebox wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 10:58 PM, Ken Goods
>> <kgoods at cropusainsurance.com> wrote: 
>> http://www.milter.info/sendmail/roundhouse/
> Or there's milter-bcc which I find a bit easier to use.
> If you want to do it in MailScanner, I would use a ruleset attached to
> "Archive Mail" which can take arbitrary email addresses. Then do the
> mailertable stuff someone has already told you about. I only suggest
> Archive Mail as it's just 1 option you need to set instead of 3 (spam
> actions, high-scoring spam actions and non-spam actions).
> Jules

Thanks for all suggestions! I've added roundhouse and milter-bcc to my
valuable links in case I need them in the future but I decided to go with
Julian's "Archive Mail" solution because it was my initial thought... just
didn't know if it would work.

What I really wanted to do was to have identical accounts on both
machines... in other words, I wanted an account me at originaldomain.com on the
zimbra server along with the existing me at originaldomain.com on the Exchange
box and forward emails from the MailScanner box to the *same* email address
on the two downstream boxes. I couldn't find an example of how to do this
with either milter... most of what I saw was to forward or bcc to a
*different* account (or different domain) which can be done easily with
Julian's "Archive Mail".

So I created a sub-domain on the Zimbra server (test.originaldomain.com) and
moved the existing me at originaldomain.com to me at test.originaldomain.com. This
was easy to do and the existing 200MB+ mail box was intact. I'm thinking I
may be able to use this trick (just reverse it) when making the move into
production however I'm not sure how it will affect the global calendars and
meeting requests as they rely on the original email address.

Andrei, Thanks for the tip on the new beta feature, I hadn't loaded the new
beta yet either but I'm thinking that when it comes time for the switch-over
it may come in very handy to simply forward all mails to both servers until
all accounts are migrated.

Please give this quick once-over and see if I understood it correctly.

This is what I did:
In MailScanner.conf
Archive Mail = %rules-dir%/archive.rules

In archive.rules
To:	me at originaldomain.com deliver forward me at test.originaldomain.com
To:	boss at originaldomain.com deliver forward boss at test.originaldomain.com
Default:	no
(with tabs between each...couldn't remember if it would take spaces or
required tabs)

In SendMail's mailertable I added:
test.originaldomain.com	SMTP:[xx.xx.xx.xx] (IP of the Zimbra server)

Do I need to add "test.originaldomain.com" to sendmail's virtuser-domain?

Seems like this should do the trick. But before I restart MailScanner can I
get a confirmation? :)

Thanks to everyone for the help!

Kind regards,

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