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Philip Zeigler philip at
Wed Apr 2 16:47:39 IST 2008

Julian Field wrote:
> Kevin Miller wrote:
>> Julian Field wrote:
>>> What happens if you put one of those Russian spam in your incoming
>>> mail queue, run MailScanner --debug --debug-sa and watch what
>>> happens? The --debug-sa now outputs time stamps with every debug line
>>> output, so you can see exactly how long it is waiting at each stage.
>> If there's a bunch of messages in the incoming queue, how do you specify
>> which message you want to test against?
> You can't.
>>   I don't know if that
>> functionality is already there,
> It's not.
>>  but perhaps a feature request could be a
>> CLI switch to specify the message ID so MS only scans the particular
>> message(s) that you're interested in observing.
> Good idea. I'll take a look. Would a single ID do?
> Jules
I'm having the same issue.  Can't seem to catch on to run through the 
queue in debug mode.

What is happening on my system is this:

Load average jumps from 0.23 to > 20.0.  Sendmail starts rejecting 
incoming messages due to load.  Everything starts to timeout such as 
file checks.  When I run top, I see that it is running the virus checks 
when this starts to occur (I'm running clamd, bitdefender, and avg). 
There are a lot of find processes running as well which is also eating 

After is chews through the email, all jumps down to an average load 
around .2 and then processes everything normally.

Philip Zeigler

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