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Julian Field MailScanner at
Wed Apr 2 17:44:30 IST 2008

Philip Zeigler wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> Kevin Miller wrote:
>>> Julian Field wrote:
>>>> What happens if you put one of those Russian spam in your incoming
>>>> mail queue, run MailScanner --debug --debug-sa and watch what
>>>> happens? The --debug-sa now outputs time stamps with every debug line
>>>> output, so you can see exactly how long it is waiting at each stage.
>>> If there's a bunch of messages in the incoming queue, how do you 
>>> specify
>>> which message you want to test against?
>> You can't.
>>>   I don't know if that
>>> functionality is already there,
>> It's not.
>>>  but perhaps a feature request could be a
>>> CLI switch to specify the message ID so MS only scans the particular
>>> message(s) that you're interested in observing.
>> Good idea. I'll take a look. Would a single ID do?
>> Jules
> I'm having the same issue.  Can't seem to catch on to run through the 
> queue in debug mode.
> What is happening on my system is this:
> Load average jumps from 0.23 to > 20.0.  Sendmail starts rejecting 
> incoming messages due to load.  Everything starts to timeout such as 
> file checks.  When I run top, I see that it is running the virus 
> checks when this starts to occur (I'm running clamd, bitdefender, and 
> avg). There are a lot of find processes running as well which is also 
> eating resources.
Check out the -wrapper scripts for bitdefender and avg to make sure they 
aren't doing anything silly. I don't use either scanner myself, so have 
limited knowledge of them.
> After is chews through the email, all jumps down to an average load 
> around .2 and then processes everything normally.
> Philip Zeigler


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