Set it and forget it?

Richard Lynch rich at
Tue Nov 27 00:53:10 GMT 2007

Kevin Miller wrote:
> Julian Field wrote:
>> P.S. The post by Steve was not intended as an advert, but as a genuine
>> suggestion of a very good solution to the original poster's problem.
> Uh, lets see.  You and Steve offer free of charge, open to all comers
> probably the most robust spam whollopping package around, including
> support and frequent upgrades and you're worried that someone might
> misconstrue your post as an advert?  Um, I'd say that we, the userbase,
> have precious little to complain about in that arena even if you posted
> a blantent advert daily...
> ...Kevin
I agree completely.  I don't think it's somehow "evil" to discuss 
commercial products on this list.  That would be foolish when the 
product is within the scope of what MS does.  And in particular when 
it's a companion product for MS.  I run BarricadeMX on 5 MS boxes which 
handle 2+ million messages per day.  It's reasonably priced and works 
great.  It's been practically hassle free from the moment I put it in 
place.  I used to spend an enormous amount of time trying to keep our MS 
boxes running properly and keeping up with the influx of spam.  I no 
longer have to do that.

Richard Lynch


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