Set it and forget it?

Anthony Cartmell ajcartmell at
Mon Nov 26 20:21:32 GMT 2007

>> I'd love to turn the filters off for just one day.  Just one.  Just to
>> let the users know what we actually do for them.


> I'd love to be able to turn it off for some users just briefly to show  
> them the amount of garbage that is really coming in

I've been sending out a daily quarantine report using MailWatch to some  
users. Seems to be appreciated as they can see that there are no false  
positives, and also how much junk is being filtered out for them. Of  
course they don't see the stuff blocked at MTA level, but there's enough  
spam still to impress them!

Looking forward to MailWatch 2, hoping for even more stuff that users can  
see :)

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