OT: MS Exchange backups

Ugo Bellavance ugob at lubik.ca
Sun Nov 25 05:53:02 GMT 2007

Denis Beauchemin wrote:
> Thanks Ugo,
> I will check with the admin on Monday.  The backup is probably done on 
> the same array as the db is on, which is not good...

Yeah, you must find the bottleneck...

> I don't know much about Exchange but there are serious talks about 
> switching its support to my team... which makes me uncomfortable...  we 
> are managing the Cyrus users but they want to deploy Exchange for staff 
> members...
> So with brick-level backups how do you restore a single mailbox?

Well, you just go in the Backup Exec GUI and you select the date of the 
backup you want to restore, and in the tree you will have files, but 
also mailboxes... You can also just recover one part of the mailbox 
(calendar, for example).

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