OT: MS Exchange backups

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at koopmann.eu
Mon Nov 26 09:34:15 GMT 2007

> > So with brick-level backups how do you restore a single mailbox?
> Well, you just go in the Backup Exec GUI and you select the date of
> backup you want to restore, and in the tree you will have files, but
> also mailboxes... You can also just recover one part of the mailbox
> (calendar, for example).

If the backup target is a tape though it first needs to restore the
corresponding database to a temporary disk and then from there get the
items selected. Depending on the setup this means in his setup Backup
Exec might need to restore 250GB in order to get a few KB worth of
mails. Therefore several storage groups and mailbox stores are a good
idea. Or use Backup Exec with Backup-To-Disc-To-Tape. :-)

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