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R Wahyudi rwahyudi at
Tue Nov 20 22:59:22 GMT 2007

I have been running MailScanner + Postfix for 1 and a half years.
I did more than 5 update to postfix & mailscanner and I did not 
encounter any single issue or data loss.

I think what the commentator  meant by "unsupported" is that if  you 
post question on postfix forum and you mentioned that you use mailscanner
they will ask you not to use mailscanner before they can help you. 

This happen to me before, but then I post my question on mailscanner and 
I get immediate help :)

Rianto Wahyudi

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
> Hi,
> I was looking for a complete tutorial to setup a mail filter for our 
> existing server and came upon the following article 
> ( but reading 
> the comments below it, it stated the implementation of Mailscanner 
> with postfix in this manner was unsupported?
> Can you guys confirm or deny this, and if so possibly recommend a 
> similar tutorial?
> Thanks for any input!
> jlc

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