Mailscanner not working after update on Fedora 8

Ben Hambleton hambleto at
Mon Nov 12 20:32:19 GMT 2007

Thank you all again. I figured it out. I never bothered to reconfigure the
virus scaner. A couple of kicks in the butt and all seems to be running
Once again, thank you everyone for all of your help and support.
Take care,

On Nov 12, 2007 3:16 PM, Hugo van der Kooij <hvdkooij at>

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> Ben Hambleton wrote:
> > I found the debug command in the Mailscanner.conf file enabled that and
> > started. I did not recieve any errors.  I took a look and it seemed that
> > i did not have any spamassin installed. I installed that (not enabled,
> > just installed) started mailscanner again. Still no inbound mail it
> seems..
> I can not escape a certain dejavu feeling. I recall Jules having to fix
> a similar issue where an upgrade had shot a working system to pieces and
> in the end it seemed to be just an incorrect sendmail config file.
> So far I have a load of questions.
>  - Is you MTA running?
>  - Which one?
>  - Did MailScanner in fact start it?
>  - Where do your messages end up?
>  - Are they accepted by your system?
>  - what steps can you trace in your logs?
> And considere that if you have a config backup of the system it might be
> faster to rebuild one then to struggle like this.
> Strip down the system to run just the MTA without MailScanner and see it
> that works if you have not yet got it working. When your MTA is fine
> then add the next stage back in. Take it steps by step and make notes.
> I will repeat what I said in that previous thread. Using Fedora on a
> server is a bad choice. Unfortunatly you are one who again proves my
> point in this. If you know exactly what you are doing Fedora may work
> for you but I find time and again people use Fedora when they want a
> stable system to run for years and get bitten one way or the other.
> Hugo.
> PS: Can we try to cut down on the excess lines in the message please?
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Ben Hambleton
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