Mailscanner not working after update on Fedora 8

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at
Mon Nov 12 20:16:39 GMT 2007

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Ben Hambleton wrote:
> I found the debug command in the Mailscanner.conf file enabled that and
> started. I did not recieve any errors.  I took a look and it seemed that
> i did not have any spamassin installed. I installed that (not enabled,
> just installed) started mailscanner again. Still no inbound mail it seems..

I can not escape a certain dejavu feeling. I recall Jules having to fix
a similar issue where an upgrade had shot a working system to pieces and
in the end it seemed to be just an incorrect sendmail config file.

So far I have a load of questions.
 - Is you MTA running?
 - Which one?
 - Did MailScanner in fact start it?
 - Where do your messages end up?
 - Are they accepted by your system?
 - what steps can you trace in your logs?

And considere that if you have a config backup of the system it might be
faster to rebuild one then to struggle like this.

Strip down the system to run just the MTA without MailScanner and see it
that works if you have not yet got it working. When your MTA is fine
then add the next stage back in. Take it steps by step and make notes.

I will repeat what I said in that previous thread. Using Fedora on a
server is a bad choice. Unfortunatly you are one who again proves my
point in this. If you know exactly what you are doing Fedora may work
for you but I find time and again people use Fedora when they want a
stable system to run for years and get bitten one way or the other.


PS: Can we try to cut down on the excess lines in the message please?

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