Postfix vs MailScanner : Slow Incoming Queue

R Wahyudi rwahyudi at
Mon Nov 12 00:37:06 GMT 2007

> Evening all, been far too long since I have posted (Been stupidly busy 
> :-( )
> I would suggest you want to check your Delivery method option at the 
> bottom MailScanner.conf and make sure it is batch and not queue. 
> Setting it to queue would invoke this behaviour. Changing the queue 
> runner settings should not be required. The queue running is called by 
> Postfix when each process finishes to advise the next to run. The 300 
> second delay is merely to catch anything that 'got left behind'.
> Drew

Hi Drew,

Bingo !!

Changing the Delivery Method from queue to Batch solve the problem !!

I remember reading the FAQ and it advice me to use "Delivery Method = 
queue" for High Volume Mail server.
Good thing is .. Someone already went down this path and update the 

Thank you for all your help !!

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