Postfix vs MailScanner : Slow Incoming Queue

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Mon Nov 12 10:15:45 GMT 2007

On Mon, November 12, 2007 00:37, R Wahyudi wrote: 


>> Evening all, been far too long since I have posted (Been stupidly busy

>> :-( ) 


>> I would suggest you want to check your Delivery method option at the 

>> bottom MailScanner.conf and make sure it is batch and not queue. 

>> Setting it to queue would invoke this behaviour. Changing the queue 

>> runner settings should not be required. The queue running is called by

>> Postfix when each process finishes to advise the next to run. The 300

>> second delay is merely to catch anything that 'got left behind'. 


>> Drew 



> Hi Drew, 


> Bingo !! 


> Changing the Delivery Method from queue to Batch solve the problem !! 



> I remember reading the FAQ and it advice me to use "Delivery Method =

> queue" for High Volume Mail server. 

> Good thing is .. Someone already went down this path and update the 

> FAQ: 


> Thank you for all your help !! 


A pleasure! I am not quite sure of the history behind the two delivery
methods. It's been there for so long but I would say (almost?) no one uses queue
because of the issues you have experienced. Postfix is very capable of handling
high queue volumes and slow next hops natively so there is little point in
making the queue runner do the pick up post MailScanner in a Postfix

Perhaps Jules can shed more light on the history of this option?


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