Postfix vs MailScanner : Slow Incoming Queue

Drew Marshall drew.marshall at
Sat Nov 10 19:01:36 GMT 2007

On 10 Nov 2007, at 10:48, Glenn Steen wrote:

> On 10/11/2007, Drew Marshall <drew.marshall at>  
> wrote:
>> On 9 Nov 2007, at 22:50, R Wahyudi wrote:
>> I did  ..
>> Anyway .. I am still curious to know if this is the default  
>> MailScanner -
>> postfix behavior ie : you have to wait for
>> qmgr to respawn to be able to deliver message from incoming queue ??
>> Evening all, been far too long since I have posted (Been stupidly  
>> busy :-( )
>> I would suggest you want to check your Delivery method option at  
>> the bottom
>> MailScanner.conf and make sure it is batch and not queue. Setting  
>> it to
>> queue would invoke this behaviour. Changing the queue runner  
>> settings should
>> not be required. The queue running is called by Postfix when each  
>> process
>> finishes to advise the next to run. The 300 second delay is merely  
>> to catch
>> anything that 'got left behind'.
>> Drew
> The word of reason returnes!
> Glad to see you Drew!

Thanks Glenn. Hope you are keeping well?


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