AW: whitelisted spam

Matt Kettler mkettler at
Thu Nov 8 15:17:16 GMT 2007

Dörfler Andreas wrote:
>> Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
>> Check your config. But most of all do not hijack an existing 
>> thread. If
>> you start a new subject use a new message.
> that why i asked, i havent found something useable in the config. 
> but i got a usefull answer from another user, thanks to him

Fair enough, is your problem solved?

>> If you start a new subject use a new message.
> k, next time i go back in archive for years to check if someone 
> haven´t used that subject bevor to prevent trolling answers like yours

This doesn't have to do with having unique subject lines. It has to do with 
using "reply" instead of creating a new message.

If you reply to a message , even if you change the subject line, it is still a 
reply to that message. Many intelligent mail readers, and the list archives, 
will represent it as such. This is because your mail client actually adds a 
In-Reply-To header indicating what message you replied to.

So, your message appears to me, and anyone else using a threaded mail reader, as 
being a part of the "MailScanner + Postfix => very slow" thread. Which clearly 
it isn't. This is what Hugo is trying to point out.

It also appears that way in the list archives, look for yourself:

Because it's nested under an unrelated threads, it might get overlooked by folks 
who can help you, but aren't interested in postfix.

So, really, Hugo's advice is actually trying to help you format your posts so 
they get seen by the right folks. It is not a troll.

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