Postfix vs MailScanner : Slow Incoming Queue

R Wahyudi rwahyudi at
Wed Nov 7 00:05:06 GMT 2007

Hi All,

We have bunch of postfix server to filter spam for incoming mail.
These servers sits in front of actual mail server.

For some reason mail delivery is slow because email is sitting in 
incoming queue
for too long. Most of these files have 0700 permission.

I have read 
In the document it stated that :
    "The main factors slowing down the queue manager are disk I/O and 
lookup queries to the trivial-rewrite service. "

In my case, I think the disk and lookup queries are fast enough. Lookup 
queries is done locally from
hash file. I also don't think there is no correlation between disk IO 
utilization and the number of email in incoming queue.
postfix spool directory mounted on reiserfs partition with notail and 

I asked postfix mailing list because I  thought this is something to do 
with postfix.

But their replay was short and sweet :

    'Nuff said, you are using Mailscanner. Stop using Mailscanner and the
    problem will go away. Mailscanner has a long history of causing various
    similar issues, it is not supported here.

Can anyone give me suggestion on how to speed this up ?
Anyone experiencing same issue with mailscanner ?

Disk IO  Graph :
IO Graph 

Postfix Graph :
Postfix Graph 

Rianto Wahyudi
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