AW: whitelisted spam

Gareth list-mailscanner at
Thu Nov 8 12:48:38 GMT 2007

On Thu, 2007-11-08 at 12:26, Dörfler Andreas wrote:

> > If you start a new subject use a new message.
> k, next time i go back in archive for years to check if someone 
> haven´t used that subject bevor to prevent trolling answers like yours

I think what he meant was that if you hit reply then your mail client
includes a reference to the original message in the headers even if you
change the subject line.
A lot of people view the list in threaded form in their mail software so
if you reply and change the subject it still appears under the old
thread. This means there is less chance if your mail being read as some
people have already chosen not to participate in that original thread
and marked it to be ignored.

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