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Julian Field MailScanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Thu Nov 8 12:03:29 GMT 2007

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John Wilcock wrote:
>> I would like to do something like: Spam Subject Text = [SPAM
>> Add it would result in something like:
>> Subject: [SPAM 99/3.50] AW: Co-operation
>> Which would allow me, or other users, to know immediatly I do not
>> have to feed this one to my bayesian filter because it has hit
>> the maximum score.
> You can already put the SpamAssassin score in the subject, using
> the _SCORE_ placeholder:
> Spam Subject Text = {Spam?} {Score=_SCORE_}
> AFAIK you can't add just the bayes score. In any case, learning
> BAYES_99 messages won't do any harm and can but reinforce the
> "spamminess" of the tokens concerned.
Please RTM first :-)
I quote from the MailScanner.conf documentation for the "Spam Subject
Text" setting:

# This is the text to add to the start of the subject if the
# "Spam Modify Subject" option is set.
# The exact string "_SCORE_" will be replaced by the numeric
# SpamAssassin score.
# The exact string "_STARS_" will be replaced by a row of stars
# whose length is the SpamAssassin score.


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