Postfix vs MailScanner : Slow Incoming Queue

R Wahyudi rwahyudi at
Wed Nov 7 02:25:19 GMT 2007

Thanks for your reply Jay,

On average, how much email sitting  on your postfix incoming queue ?
I am currently using MailScanner-4.61.7-2 & postfix-2.3.2-2.

I dont see any changes between these version of postfix / mailscanner 
when it comes to processing incoming queue,
and  I dont see any reason for current mailscanner/postfix will fix this.

Anyway .. I will upgrade postfix + Mailscanner to latest version, and I 
will post an update.

Rianto Wahyudi

Jay Chandler wrote:
> R Wahyudi wrote:
>> But their replay was short and sweet :
>>     'Nuff said, you are using Mailscanner. Stop using Mailscanner and 
>> the
>>     problem will go away. Mailscanner has a long history of causing 
>> various
>>     similar issues, it is not supported here.
> Ah, the sweet smell of misleading bullshit.
> I've been running Postfix with MailScanner for two years, both here 
> and as a University mail handler for half a million messages a day.
> No worries.
> Latest versions of both are ALWAYS a good plan, but past that I've 
> never seen an instance of corruption or delay based on this model.

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