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I use ripmime


What I do is forward the mail that I want to capture attachments from to
a postfix alias and pipe to ripmime like so:


myalias: "|/usr/local/bin/ripmime -i -  --no-nameless -d


I have different aliases set up for different emails that I want to go
in different directories. So all you have to do is configure a rule in
Mailscanner to archive the mail coming from that sender to the alias you







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Subject: Decode and store certain attachments



I would like to decode certain attachment types to a particular address.
I get messages with .DBF file attachments that I need to decode and
extract to a directory to be processed (imported into a DB) later by a
cron job. 

I am struggling with procmail & metamail to do it but not having much
luck. So far its too interactive. Googling only seems to find stuff
about encoding from scripts, not decoding.

Can I do this with a ruleset in Mailscanner? 

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

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