URL-encoded filenames in reports

Stephane sleclerc at actionweb.fr
Thu Mar 29 11:25:50 CEST 2007

Rick Chadderdon <mailscanner <at> yeticomputers.com> writes:

> Mailscanner has removed one or more files from this message.  To
> retrieve these files, please click:
> ---
> At which point your PHP script could display a list of URLS created from
> a listing of the files in the directory, which it should be able to
> determine from the URL mailscanner generated.  In fact, this seems
> trivial enough that I will probably do this myself.
> Rick

I'll try this "backdoor" to solve the problem. ;-)


But It will better later to have a direct encoded variable. This will permit one
step less for the end user and more security to retrieve files.


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