URL-encoded filenames in reports

Rick Chadderdon mailscanner at yeticomputers.com
Thu Mar 22 18:33:11 CET 2007

Stephane wrote:
> Hi Rick!
> This example doesn't work:
> http://quarantine.actionweb.fr/download.php?hostname=antispam2.actionweb.fr&date=20070317&id=1HSb00-0002U3-7R&filename=WSComparison_#.DOC
> No way to catch "#". Same problème with filename with special characters as "é à
> @ $", etc.
> Working example:
> http://quarantine.actionweb.fr/download.php?hostname=antispam2.actionweb.fr&date=20070317&id=1HSb00-0002U3-7R&filename=message.zip
> Tested with Firefox Mac OSX.
> Stéphane

Looks like you're right.  Fortunately, my mail flow is low enough that I
haven't had anyone use any non-working characters yet, and even if a few
did, the support of those few that broke this would not be oppressive. 
With a bigger setup, this could certainly be a problem.  It'd be pretty
easy to modify the setup to not include the filename, though.  Your
message could read:


Mailscanner has removed one or more files from this message.  To
retrieve these files, please click:



At which point your PHP script could display a list of URLS created from
a listing of the files in the directory, which it should be able to
determine from the URL mailscanner generated.  In fact, this seems
trivial enough that I will probably do this myself.


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