OT: F-Prot

Fabio Pedretti pedretti at eco.unibs.it
Mon Mar 19 10:09:45 CET 2007

Hi, I recently upgraded some servers from f-prot 4.5.4 (with mail  
server licence) to clamav 0.90.1 and I am very satisfied. I am also  
using additional signatures from http://www.sanesecurity.com/clamav/  
for filtering also phishing and scam mails. I suggest you to try  
clamav before buying a licence for a commercial AV.


Citando Drew Marshall <drew at technologytiger.net>:

> On 19 Mar 2007, at 06:52, Res wrote:
>> OK so I thought since everyone else around here posts OT, so will I...
>> Anyone else seeing problems with f-prot updates for at least the   
>> past 12 hours?
> Yes. On my home box, updates.f-prot.com is not reachable or so the logs
> claim. Last attempt was at about 6.20am GMT.
> Just on another question, which licence do you buy from them? I have
> been running f-prot at home for ages on their FOC workstation licence
> (For home use) and I am now looking to roll it out for my main mxs. So
> I then go to the f-prot site to look for licensing, and none really
> fit. The machines are gateways so no mailboxes as required for the mail
> server version (So how many mailboxes would you buy for? This option
> could become expensive pretty quickly if you weren't careful) and the
> file server version says it's not for mail servers (But then
> MailScanner doesn't want the mail server version and doesn't really
> fall into the classic mail server category).
> Drew
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