Additional recipients within same lose mail when quarantined/released...

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Fri Mar 16 15:38:23 CET 2007

On 3/15/07, Glenn Steen <glenn.steen at> wrote:
> As I mentioned earlier, there are some kind of patches floating around
> (on the MailWatch list, IIRC) that kind of try to solve this "at the
> other end", but I'm not sure what state they're in, or if they would
> completely solve your problem.

Do we think this is a bit of functionality that might be solved in the
elusive MailWatch 2.0 or is this issue rooted more deeply, e.g. at the
MS or PF layer? It seems to me that MailWatch could log the message as
separate rows in the DB per "known user", referencing the same
quarantine file. Just a thought. To bastardize this in to the current
system, I'd think about adding a separate routine that iterates
through the actual listed recipients, and adding the intended
recipient to a "deliver_this_copy_to" field (which would have to be

> I'm too tired today to do the wiki rewrite (it'll probably have to
> wait to the weekend, way to much Real Work, revving up for our big
> trip (going to Singapore & Malaysia in a couple of weeks... Just for
> R&R! No work for two weeks! I wonder if my system can take it:-)...
> And so does the PHB... And my retiring (not in nature, he's really
> going off to pasture) DBA has dumped all Oracle on me, so ... things
> are pretty intense ATM:-)), but I'll look at it as soon as humanely
> possible. I'm toying with a "one instance/three smtp-handlers" idea or
> so, that might appeal to everyone a bit more, but that would need some
> real testing, and testing take time, so ... We'll see.

Please enjoy your vacation. Remember to take lots of pictures!

> I still think you could get this going, but best would be if you have
> a "throwaway testbed" to play around on first:). Always a good idea to
> have, for testing new versions of MailScanner, SA etc.

Thanks, and many props to the folks at VMWare for the ease at which I
can rubber-stamp out a second copy of my environment. Now, if only I
had followed my own advice, I could have avoided 5 hours of queued
mail yesterday.  :-#

> -- Glenn


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