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Sat Mar 10 14:15:16 CET 2007

On 10/03/07, Res <res at> wrote:
> On Sat, 10 Mar 2007, Glenn Steen wrote:
> >> Glenn:  What should we call qmail ?? we gota have a nick for it ;)
> > Unlike Rendmaul and Postmix, qmail isn't that readily .... renamed....
> > Then  again, since the Q stand for quirky, perhaps one don't need
> > to:-). I haven't sampled enough amber stuff yet for the really whacky
> > suggestions to start flowing:-):-)...
> >
> > Oh, and Rick... Chill out, take a $TEMPERATURE $BEVERAGE... Res is
> > nice guy under the prickly surface... He just hasn't seen the light
> you will ruin my reputation if u say things like that, and i'll deny
> it of course !!@!  :)
Res, something seems to be up with your keaboard... Consider swapping
it for a new one:-)

> > (yet) :-D
> never!!@!#!! already tried it, was more cumfy with rendmaul and quirky :)

Still something wrong with the keyboard... (That's right... Always
start out by blaming it on the HW... Makes it easier to buy new
hardware while solving the problem;).

> > And we know he is the evil bunny of Monty Pythonian fame... Now, where
> > did I put that Holy Handgranede...;-)
> I pinched it, I just lobbed it at   3 times today its set
> some of our servers to 1998 and some to 2032!
> So if anyone uses them, just be careful, I've since changed to denmark,
> and its so far been fine.
Res, set up more time servers. Never ever rely on one NTP source. IIRC
the recommendation is to use three disjunct sets at least (look at ... Yeah yeah, you
knew that already:-).
Otherwise you kind of kick the feet out from under NTPs logic for
deeming a timesource reliable.
Then again, using something rock solid is an alternative
( is _really_ good).

> First I knew was when i got an alert for pop3 daemon down, i thought that
> couldnt be right, logs said killing itself for some silly time, and yes
> date confirmed it, the news server also hissy fitted wouldnt let anyone
> connect saying invalid key year, sendmail and mailscanner ( to stay on
> topic :P ) were happily accepting and processing mail, every server was
> slackware, thought it was a bug, but then checked date on my RH desktop
> and yes, I was magically teleported into 2032, i can tell you in the
> year 2032, 9th of November, in Brisbane Australia, it will be 32 celcius,
> overcast and 88% humidity :)
While you're looking into the future weather... Could you tell me how
it'll be in Singapore and on Tioman island (Malaysia) the first two
weeks in April? :-)

-- Glenn
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