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Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
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On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, am.lists wrote:

> On 3/1/07, Hugo van der Kooij <hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org> wrote:
>>  I am a restricted in my statements in this matter as I have actuall access
>>  to them for support activities. So I will not go in details here!
> Usually, having access to support <> being under an NDA. If you're not
> under NDA, then by all means, please share. If you are under NDA,
> please share off-list. :-) Just kidding, of course.

Most of it is under NDA. But at times there seems to be conflict between 
NDA and GPL in my view.

>> Having said that I do not have a Barracuda at home but I do run
>> MailScanner. With MailWatch added I have the main functionality for the
>> rest of the family added.
> Are you saying that minus the Barracuda, but with MS/MW, your opinion
> is that you have equivalent (or near-equivalent) functionality?

The Barracuda solution is fine for those networks whose admins find 
clicking on the right spots in exchange is a challenge. It has a decent 
set of tools and it is actively maintained so at present I find it is the 
best boxed solution you can find with a reasonably good track record.

If you really know what you are doing and have the time to babysit your 
own solution then building your own solution with proper defense in depth 
is likely to do at least slightly better. Mainly becuase you are investing 
significant time to optimize for your own network and users.

If you happen to have the right people on an IT staff the homebrew 
solution is the best in all likelyhood. Given the fact that the average 
company does not have the required skill levels they need to fall back to 
a vendor to do the job for them.


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