Mailscanner Taking to long to Process Incoming Email

Koopmann, Jan-Peter jan-peter at
Mon Jun 25 07:27:57 IST 2007

> had the same on about 200 servers. changed a few ones for testing to
> clamdscan and cpu usage gone done to normal. looks like loading the
> clamav database over end over with each task was too much. but the
> original included clamav-wrapper is not really good for clamdscan. i
> have lot of errors in the syslog and looks like there are other
> needed too. anybody have a good script for clamdscan on freebsd and
> also
> a way to get the -r out of the call of the wrapper script?

I am currently running clamd-wrapper without any issues. What are the
problems you are seeing? Moreover if my understanding is correct, the
newest MailScanner will talk to clamd directly so no more needs for

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