Doubts about PF, what are the pros/cons about other MTAs?

Mikael Syska mikael at
Sat Jun 30 23:44:21 IST 2007


Julian Field wrote:
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> Mikael Syska wrote:
>> [snip]
>> I think I'm convinced now ... I'm going to use postfix, since no real 
>> arguments againts it have been made.
>> Thanks for the time guys.
> I'm going to release a new stable version tomorrow which includes the 
> recent Postfix bugfix to do with its milter support.
> If you can't wait till tomorrow, then it's already on the website, 
> you'll just have to guess the URL for 4.61.7-1 :-)
I can wait ... I wont begin on the server until tuesday ... So no 
problems there.

Can't wait to get my hands dirty converting the old amavisd-new setup 
... some other dude had setup it up, and its a real pain to figure out ...

Btw, read on a page on the internet where a person said that MS did not 
use the resources very good cause its spawning a new process for every 
mail and afterwards closing it. amavisd-new also did that in the start 
but changed over to daemon style ... so its not spawning a new proces 
every time ...
Is there something about this, or did the guy just not like MS ?
and if there are something about it ... will MS be changed to spawn 
daemons ?
what are the pros/cons agints it ?

> Jules
// Mikael Syska

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