MCP works, doesn't deliver

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Fri Jun 22 14:33:18 IST 2007


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 > And it works locally? How very odd. Did you submit via telnet?
 > On 21/06/07, Rick Cooper <rcooper at> wrote:
 > > I have never used the MCP features of MailScanner before, 
 > after all the
 > > traffic thought I would try it. My problem is a bit odd in 
 > that if I do a
 > > test (with the sample rules) it hits fine, and if I sent 
 > it locally it
 > > delivers the mail tagged correctly. However, if I send it 
 > from remote it
 > > does exactly the same thing, logs the same way, says it 
 > delivered and then
 > > the message is just gone. Not in any queue, not in the 
 > inbox, just gone.
 > >

Get's better. In MailScanner.conf my non spam action is to deliver and
forward to a special account that archives the mail and each night another
process goes through all the messagaes in the spam, and ham accounts and
removes all the headers that we add to an email and then moves them to a
corpus directory and depending on where they come from learns them as ham or
spam. Well these mcp mails are going into the ham mail box but are not being
delivered. Remember there is no such action associated with mcp, all mcp
actions are simply deliver (no rules, no forward just deliver). So where on
earth is MailScanner getting the forward address in the first place, and why
is it only forwarding and not delivering?

I guess it's time to look through the mcp code.


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