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Jon Radel jon at
Tue Jun 5 19:42:32 IST 2007

Gerard Seibert wrote:

> Yes, I agree. Maybe I should create a web page dedicated to the art of
> '[snip]'. That is my main problem with top posters in general. They
> never '[snip]' anything.  On a mailing list like this that adds text
> at the bottom of every post, that accumulated crud can really build up
> after a message has been replied to a dozen times or so. Top posters
> are incapable of realizing that fact unfortunately. If they at least
> used an MUA that dropped text after the 'sig delimiter' upon reply, it
> would be a achievement.

But reading to the bottom of e-mail sent to you by a bunch of
top-posters using Outlook can be sooooo amusing.  I still remember the
polite request we got for a change in service.  When we read all the way
to the bottom we got the entire internal discussion within our customer
on how this was going to be step one for ditching us and our service.
It was quite useful....


--Jon Radel
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