Beta release 4.61.1

Gerard Seibert gerard at
Tue Jun 5 19:32:50 IST 2007

On Tuesday June 05, 2007 at 01:40:37 (PM) Rick Cooper wrote:


> I don't have a top posting concept, I *almost* never do and I snip [...]
> instead. Only time I do is if there is a big chuck of stuff I would remove
> nearly all of and I am in a big hurry. Sorry about that one today. What bugs
> me is when someone makes a one line remark on 100K of conversation and I
> have to dig through the >>>>>> a couple times to find the answer.

Yes, I agree. Maybe I should create a web page dedicated to the art of
'[snip]'. That is my main problem with top posters in general. They
never '[snip]' anything.  On a mailing list like this that adds text
at the bottom of every post, that accumulated crud can really build up
after a message has been replied to a dozen times or so. Top posters
are incapable of realizing that fact unfortunately. If they at least
used an MUA that dropped text after the 'sig delimiter' upon reply, it
would be a achievement.


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