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> On Tuesday June 05, 2007 at 10:37:43 (AM) Rick Cooper wrote:
> > Go through the list and you will see I converted this (I'm 
> not the original
> > sender) either two or three times but Julian seems to use 
> the original
> > everytime he replies ;-)
> > 
> > What really sucks is most of those mails look like standard 
> Outlook Express
> > stationary so they could just check off the always send as 
> plain text on
> > their list address and it would never happen |-(
> I appreciate your taking the time to convert messages to plain text,
> although my MUA, claws-mail, does that for me. I was wondering though
> if you might consider losing the 'top-posting' concept however. It
> would make following a thread so mush easier, especially when I need
> to {snip} extraneous data from the post.

I don't have a top posting concept, I *almost* never do and I snip [...]
instead. Only time I do is if there is a big chuck of stuff I would remove
nearly all of and I am in a big hurry. Sorry about that one today. What bugs
me is when someone makes a one line remark on 100K of conversation and I
have to dig through the >>>>>> a couple times to find the answer.


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