OT: Spam King Arrested!

Gerard Seibert gerard at seibercom.net
Mon Jun 4 12:52:01 IST 2007

On Sunday June 03, 2007 at 11:20:32 (PM) Scott Silva wrote:

> The government cares the same about spam and DVD piracy. No one has bought any
> body's attention yet . It takes multi-million dollar lobbyists to influence
> the corruption that our US government is becoming. If you want spam to stop,
> you need rich corporations spending mega dollars on political campaigns that
> want spam to end. If the RIAA and the MPAA didn't didn't toss so much money in
> front of politicians, you would have no laws on copying DVD's or music.

You are way over simplifying this problem. To begin with, there have
been several attempts to outlaw SPAM. The problem is , at least in the
USA, defining exactly what constitutes SPAM. We have a document called
the US Constitution, you may have heard about it. It contains an
article dealing with 'free speech' and the government intrusions unto.
While there is little disagreement as to what constitutes 'fraud', etc.,
exactly where to draw the line on the 'free speech' issue has become
blurred. I am constantly bombarded on my TV with ads for every
conceivable 'ED' remedy on the market. Many people consider that
offensive. However, simply because I find a particular item unpleasant
does not mean that everyone else feels the same way.

There has been legislation enacted by many states that require the
insertion of 'unsubscribe' links in emails. I believe that Germany now
requires a complete dossier on the sender (exaggeration). If you had
bothered to check, you would have discovered that the Russia is now
one of the leading exporters of SPAM. It is quite obvious that laws of
foreign nations would have little or no effect on Soviet nationals.
Heck, their own laws are seldom of any use. A properly formulated SPAM
offensive would require the cooperation and active participation of
dozens of sovereign nations. Are you so naive as to believe that is really
going to happen anytime in the near future? They cannot even agree on
if global warming really exists. The US 'Can-Spam' law, while a nobile
gesture, is just unenforceable. The resources and time required to
actively enforce such a law just do not exist. Of course, drug
traffickers would just love to have nations waste resources chasing
those annoying, although large harmless SPAMmers, while leaving them
to disperse their wares unimpeded.

With the proper use of AV and SPAM programs; i.e. mailscanner, I have
eliminated virtually all unwanted mail. The few pieces that slip
through are of no real importance.

Your comparing laws regarding pirating of DVD's, CD's, etc. is
completely unrelated to the problems users experience with SPAM. The
pirating of CD's, DVD's, etc. is the physical act of stealing
someone's creation and depriving them of their royalties, payments, or
what have you. Music buffs were (are) constantly stealing copyrighted
material claiming that it is their right to share(?) that item with
whoever they so desire even though the license on the article
expressly forbids just such action. The owners of those copyrights
have every right to try and stop this action and where appropriate,
properly punish those responsible for this illegal action.


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