OT: Spam King Arrested!

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Jun 4 04:20:32 IST 2007

Chris Mason (Lists) spake the following on 6/2/2007 5:56 AM:
> Scott Silva wrote:
>> One down --- thousands to go!
> I wonder about that. If a change of policy and tolerance in the US
> towards these lowlifes meant that they started to get locked up, if spam
> was to be treated like DVD piracy and the US Gov sent delegations to
> other countries and demanded action, would the volume drop
> significantly? In most cases it is relatively easy to "follow the money"
> and fine those who benefit. The exception to those is the stock spams
> which try to influence the market, but again, probably easy enough to
> see the patterns and find out who is gaining from the scams.
> If the US Gov. gave a damn about spam, I think we would see a dramatic
> reduction in volume and the hard core spammers looking for other work.
The government cares the same about spam and DVD piracy. No one has bought any
body's attention yet . It takes multi-million dollar lobbyists to influence
the corruption that our US government is becoming. If you want spam to stop,
you need rich corporations spending mega dollars on political campaigns that
want spam to end. If the RIAA and the MPAA didn't didn't toss so much money in
front of politicians, you would have no laws on copying DVD's or music.


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