OT: Spam King Arrested!

Mogens Melander mogens at fumlersoft.dk
Mon Jun 4 15:49:45 IST 2007

On Mon, June 4, 2007 13:46, Glenn Steen wrote:
> Getting wildly OT below. you've been warned.
> On 03/06/07, Mogens Melander <mogens at fumlersoft.dk> wrote:
>> Did i miss something? I'm on 3 week trip to Thailand, hence the
>> hangovers ;^)
> Only one of the more interesting(:-)= soccer qualifiers I've seen in a
> long while...
> Depends on whether you enjoy football (and the mostly good natured
> derby feel to the event:) if you deem that you've missed something,
> basking in the sun, getting hung over (what? one might ask...;-)
> etc:-).

Sounds like fun, but i think i'd prefere working on another
hangover for tomorrow 8^)

> The fact that the action had no discernible effect on PB operation...
> just shows that you cannot "fight" (note: I'm certainly not saying you
> even *should*) an international thing like that on a national level is
> idiotic at best. I don't think we disagree about that either;-).

The action at piratebay was not the smartest move ever, specially
the part where the police take down unrelated companies servers.
I think those companies should be doing the sueing. I believe
the PB guys not doing anything ilegal.


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